We publish many books at mukono bookshop under different arrangements with book authors.

Publishing initiated by the author.
Authors that may have material to publish but lack the capacity to publish can take advantage of this policy to publish their content working together with us.
We assses the conformity of the material to be published in relationship to the set guidelines of the national curriculum development centre.
The author retains his/ her authorship while the publishing rights are retained by our company. We surely make sure that all authors retain a percentage of the total sales; annually, quartely or monthly depending on the agreement signed between us and the author.

Pulishing initiated by the company.
We also do publishing as a company where a writter works with us and instead gets paid by our company other than retaining a percentage on the total sales. This kind of arrangement has been appreciated mostly by publishers of school materials; secondary and primary schools mostly for the core subjects and pumplets.
As long as the writter has material that conforms to the national curriculum develoment guidelines, we then agree on terms and conditions and make sure each writter is paid for their work with due respect.

Book Selling

We offer all round composition of Bookselling:
  • Nursery Books
  • Primary Books
  • Secondary Books
  • Tertiary Books
  • University Books
  • General Books
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Featured Books

A first step to S.S.T
Biological knowledge
A two-book course
A 1958 novel by Chinua Achebe.

Biology for tropical Schools...
By R.H. Stone.

Understanding Mechanics...
By A. J. Sadler.

Ordinary level physics...
By AF Abbott

Certificate Chemistry ...
By A.Holderness & John Lambert